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I posted this blog about using Realtysoft for my website a couple of months ago. Several people emailed me directly with questions and comments, both of which I was happy to respond to. I have since registered my site with Google Analytics to track the stats from viewers coming to my site. If you have a site of your own and have not yet done this, you are missing out on valuable information.  I am now able to learn about where people are arriving from when coming on my site, as well as what length of time they spent on the site.

Google Analytics simply defines what you need to know to do a simple assessment on your views. From this, I've developed some further questions. I plan to add a polling widget next on my site, asking a question of those viewing the site.

Isn't there something we can all learn from potential customers that can help us improve our services or make our site more user-friendly? Don't we want people returning because we offer something others don't?

I then made a list of websites I like to return to and took a look at the reasons I would return to them. The changing interest rates on 's site keeps me returning daily. There is also a tool on this site that allows you to pull up a good faith estimate (ESTIMATE, remember), and a tool that allows you to see what the mortgage payment would be if you paid 1 or 2 points vs 0 points in a refinance.

I hope this blog was helpful. If you have anything to add, share, or some additional sites you'd like to post that offer great tools, maybe sites that keep you coming back...please respond below!

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