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Outgrowing your Home? Staging is Most Important Here!

Do you feel like you're outgrowing your home? Do you feel choked by your own wall to wall furnishings but feel the need to keep all of that "stuff"?

If so, it's probably time to consider saying goodbye to most of that "stuff", at least temporarily.  The trouble you will have when trying to sell your home is in your home's presentation.  No, not necessarily that it's cluttered, but that is also a factor, what I'm talking about here is this:

Your Target Buyer Will Not Be Someone Like Yourself... So now it's time to think like your buyer!

If your home is small, maybe 1-2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, stage your home for a single buyer or a young couple, as this is likely the market for your property.  Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Shrink that dining room table! They won't feel like the room is so small if you go back to a table sized appropriately for that room.

2. Remove all furnishings along the wall except for the very basics.  Anything that's there to hold or store things must go into storage.  That includes extra bookcases that hold books you haven't read in years, an oversized coffeetable that makes the living room feel teeny (get a small one for $20 at the local consignment shop, your room will feel larger to a buyer looking for room to grow.) That also includes anything in your bedrooms that aren't supposed to be there. Let's face it, a bed, a bedside table if it fits, and a dresser are all you need for showing the space in your bedroom. Even the basement should be decluttered so the buyer can see the potential of finishing it in the future. Buyers love knowing the possibility is there, even if they may never get to it.

$50-75/month for storage will be well worth the presentation you are setting up for your potential buyer. Additionally, your home will sell faster, so you won't have to do without all that "stuff" for too long.

3. Nic Nacks are cute and personable, but too much so for marketing your property. Remove things from shelves and box them up for a new home in the future.  Pictures are ok, but not a lot.

4. Complimentary colors are great. If you have a dull room, add 3 or 4 items in red to the decor, or choose yellow or orange.  These colors, when used with the right compliments, really help a room feel warm and inviting.

5. Too many kids or pets living in this tiny home? That's a hard one to work with, for sure. The best you can do is be certain their rooms are absolutely tidy and uncluttered. If it's another one of those nic nacks, box it for later. Treasures from past vacations are best left for memories once you're in your new home. They're too distracting for a home buyer. Kids and pets should not be present at any showing. Neither should a kitty litter!

If you live in the Monadnock Region in southwestern NH and you have questions about the layout of your room, or about what to get rid of, give me a call. I'll be happy to view your home and help you stage it according to your market buyer's needs.

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