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Consumer centric and your positive web presence

..."Blogs are provided as a curtosy to our visitors to help them make informed decisions..." This segment of a phrase shows up on the log in page of Activerain, how far we have come.

From expecting consumers to meet with us after calling into to "floortime" to get a property address, to offering the individual agent profiles on a company website, to the availability to get to know a person online through reading their blogs and scrolling through their website...we have really become consumer centric.

I think this is great.  How often do we still get telemarketers calling us blankly hoping to do business with us?  Cold calling is a thing of the past, allowing the consumer to choose us because they want to choose us- when they need our service- we have really come around and it's largely due to the internet.

I was recently reading an article "We Googled You!" about an HR department who dug up some old dirt on a potential hire. It was a good reminder that building a positive web presence is equally as important for anyone in business, whether you are in sales, a non-profit, or looking for a new job- maintaining a positive web impression through the various tools available today has become simple and very inexpensive.  As I see it, it's a two way street.  If I have questions about who I am meeting for the first time, I also can "google" them to be sure they are who I think they are.  I can also utilize this opportunity to make informed decisions about clients, about servicepeople and about businesses.  Today's internet world allows for feedback through reviews, ratings, and blogging.  That is why it's important to use this tool carefully, be smart about what you write, who you write about,and how you portray yourself.  The internet is available to everyone and it does not descriminate!

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