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Real Time, Real-time, Realtime..

We are moving into the real-time world and, as Realtors, our job is to figure out how to provide the services we do on "real-time" terms.

I purchased the Motorola Q from US Cellular last year. Though I live in the Monadnock Region of southwestern, NH and reception is not always great, I can now function on a full time basis while spending some quality time with my family and children.

How else can we operate in real time? Do I dare say that some agents still don't use the internet on a daily basis? I've run into this around my region. With that new generation of tech-savy homebuyers growing up, it's imperative we communicate in ways expected by our consumers.

I recently attended a workshop by Acorn Creative which opened my eyes to what changes are upon us in the real estate industry. What little did I know when I came upon some new terms I'd only heard of, never mind knowing how to use them to our benefit.. wikis, RSS, Twitter, widgets, Linkedin, social bookmarks, Facebook, MySpace, the wonderful Activerain...all supporting the realtime services we should be utilizing.

We should be using all of these to leverage the power of what they offer. Just think, we could all be less than 6 degrees apart! The new movement of social media is sweeping across the world so quickly, I was blown away at the workshop by all of the creative things we could do with it. Forget newspaper ads!!

My goal this year is to develop a working knowlege of how to incorporate these free (FREE!) web based tools so that I don't go the age of the dinosaurs.  If the world is changing around us, I want to be spinning with it!

Who are the bloggers you follow in Activerain that are incorporationg all of these social media tools? I would like to learn from them!

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Working in real time is great. Internet access is critical to my business and Im learning how much so this week. Hurricane Ike hit my area and knocked out my power since last Friday night. So no internet access or local/national news access either.

Thanksfully my PDA keeps me in touch with my clients for as long as the battery will last, but its not the laptop Im used to working on daily either. When my laptop crashed, I was out of business for a week. When the power goes down I can at least go to my office.  

Posted by Mike Wong, Realtor: Commercial, Residential, Leasing, Invest (Keller Williams Realty Southwest) about 12 years ago

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