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New Hampshire needs more affordable housing.

There is a potential for growth in employment rate forcasted for NH in the near future, though the opportunity for this working population to find housing (affordable housing) does not meet the demand expected as a result of this.

When I look back to the demographics of my real estate sales for the past few years, the majority of my buyers were first time buyers under the age of 40-the working population. This is my nitch market, though looking at sales from other agents in my office, there appears to be a large market in NH for retired or near retiring folks moving from out of state. Lebanon, NH is one of the Top 10 Dream Towns for retirees, according to

So often we hear of people retiring to Florida, but come to find out, I live in one of the most popular, beautiful places to retire, which somewhat poses a problem for keeping the working age population in our state. While New Hampshire seems to be slowing losing it's attraction to people under the age of 44, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and other western states are becoming more and more of an attraction.

Our state should wonder what the attraction is, why is this trend reoccuring? One finding states that the larger percentage of these moves occur due to work related moves... . This clearly shows that if NH can offer the work, but not the affordable housing, we are setting ourselves up for a continued decline, creating economic problems for our state in all areas...schools, for one.

My children are young. My daughter will enter the public school system next year. Who is supporting the schools? The majority of the voters are against teacher raises, against improvements in the school system which might cost them tax dollars. I could go on. Affordable housing is essential to keeping our healthy economy healthy.

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The government should not be forcing section 8 housing on Bedford, period.

Posted by Resident about 12 years ago

I think a diverse population is good, "a little bit of everything", is how I like to think of it. The demographics of a town do help form it's reputation and I can imagine lots of people feel the way to do about section 8 in Bedford.

In Keene, they are looking at ways to help resolve the affordable housing issue, though due to colleges nearby, rents are up so high it's actually more affordable for some of those who rent to buy a home.  I see more homes priced under $200K this year then I've seen in over 3 years, in Keene. (check out for listings search throughout NH and anywhere in the country using an MLS.)

I can't imagine how people are making it with paying for rent one an hourly, minimum wage unless there are at least 2 to split the rent.



Posted by Stephanie Jacques, Stephanie Jacques Kleine (Better Homes and Gardens The Masiello Group) about 12 years ago

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