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School Choices in the Monadnock Region

"I want my children in a good school" I hear this all the time when working with buyers looking and comparing schools in the Monadnock Region.  Due to one my children being school aged, currently, I am hearing the same words come out of my mouth. There is a price to pay for giving our children this opportunity.  For some it involves paying higher taxes and living in a higher taxed town.  For others it involves private schools and we have several top schools available in our region for those considering this very option.

St. Joseph School located in Keene, NH is known for instilling a good, solid core of values and education in their students.  Pre-K through 8th grade, the teachers at this school are phenomenal as is the leadership. Parents who send their children to this school really seem to care about education and remain involved in their child's learning. 

Keene Public Schools are often requested from my buyers when looking for homes in a certain region.  Though I have no personal experiences I've witnessed the success of my friends' children as they attended any one of the schools in this district.

Monadnock Public Schools are now offering full day kindergarten! This major feat is going to be beneficial to several families in this region who feel their child is ready to begin their schooling "careers" on a more full time basis.  I was one of those parents and, at the time when I needed it, only part time kindergarten was offered in our local public school.  I have equally as many home buyers asking me to keep them in the Monadnock District as I have requests for the Keene District schools.

Surry Village Charter School is one that intrigues me.  If our current school did not work so well for our daughter this would be one for us to consider.  Charter Schools have experienced significant growth during the past 5 years and this one is no exception.  Recently they opened up a middle school aged class for those wishing to continue in the Charter School system.  I attended a luncheon two years ago for this school's fundraising efforts and was very much impressed with the student speakers who demonstrated exceptional intelligence and appreciation for their school.

Monadnock Waldorf School is available to children of all ages in our region and with the new Waldorf High School in town there is opportunity for one to graduate entirely Waldorf.  Their theories appealed to me prior to having children but, again, we found an appropriate, suitable match for our daughter early on at another school and it became clear she was in the right school for her. 

Each educational opportunity is unique and offers so much for children in the Monadnock Region.  It's very sad to see the video of the 3000 NYC children waiting to hear if their names were drawn from a lottery to attend their local, top quality Charter School. I wish more was available to them because our children are our future.

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