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City-Data Regional Threads Interesting to Follow

If anyone has ever taken a few moments to read the City-Data nationwide forum, it's particularly interesting conversation. Often those who post are looking for information about a region from the local folks in that town or state. Conversations tend to be pulled strongly in one direction or the next when a few people fixate on certain topics. More often then not, it portrays the region very poorly and I wonder how the readers take in this information? If it's one or two writers' perspectives or experience, surely it can not imply that the entire state or town is that way?

I'm speaking about a recent thread on my city, Keene, NH. The discussion was about whether or not this is a good place to move to with teenagers. Without further information, the responses begin and end up talking about drugs and the recent pot rally on central square. Suddenly Keene is portrayed as a pot smoking city with only hippies and druggies. How sad. I wouldn't want to move here:)

It's so much more than this. I just hope the people who are reading these forums take it lightly and look for other sources than complete strangers who don't take the time to ask further questions of the person initially posting this thread. With every question there could be 5 more just to clarify. But on occassion I will travel virtually to the City-Data site just to see what new amusing conversations are going on over there about my state or town!

Comment balloon 2 commentsStephanie Jacques • December 18 2009 11:43AM


True, Keene is a very special town, and with Mt. Monadnock so close, it is also prettily viewed here and there, the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world after Fuji.  Keene is very clean and well layed out.

Posted by John Franklin over 9 years ago

Hi Stephanie,

It is really a shame that the town is described in such a negative view.  Have you tried to post the positives about your town on city-data as a counter point to the pot rally posts?  Be very careful what you post there, City-data "moderators" are very zealous and love to pull or block posts they don't agree with.

Posted by Wendy Burns (Keller Williams Realty - Cary) over 8 years ago

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