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"Social Media Revolution" Youtube Video, a Great One!

If you haven't already watched this video on the impact of Social Media on our world, it's one to watch. Having gone viral long ago, I heard about this video time and time again as it got posted onto Facebook, distributed on Twitter, and received tons of comments on Youtube.

The use of video like this one always intrigues me as I watch and wonder what it is about this one in particular that really gets my adrenaline rushing. I watch this one and get "hyper" about social media, was it the music, the speed of delivery, the numbers, or more likely the combination of all the above.

I can flip through Youtube looking for something that grabs me and usually within 5-10 seconds I've made my decision on whether or not I will continue to watch it or not. What is it in a video that grabs your attention? What videos have grabbed your attention the most?

(Remember to turn up the volume if you follow the link to the video.)


Comment balloon 4 commentsStephanie Jacques • November 03 2009 10:13AM


This is a great video - "Is Social Media a Fad" and you are right the numbers are staggering! 

Posted by Delete Account almost 11 years ago

Stephanie -

Thanks for the post and link.  I'll be sure to check it out.

Posted by Joel Prince, Hixson/Soddy Real Estate Broker (The Principle Group, Inc) almost 11 years ago

Hi Stephanie -- I just checked on the link and it's NO Longer There!!  It was removed due to content??  Sorry I missed it.

I'm very interested in using video for Robin's website and to that end have purchased a Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera (I also have a JVC Enviro HD but am ashamed to say I just haven't had the time to figure it all out!.)

I had signed up on YouTube and yesterday did a test video with the Kodak.  I think I will like it and use it a lot.  But, I'm just learning and have a long way to go judging from my first attempt.

The learning new things is part of the challenge, BUT, it would be helpful if "tutes", info were included along with the camera and software when you purchase these items!!  I resent buying these "gadgets" and in today's world you receive many items w/o manuals and how to's!!  Okay -- end of rant and frustrations for the moment.  I'll now head to bed and resume tomorrow with trying to figure out all the mysteries of utilizing video.

I've searched on Google for tutorials, etc for the Kodak camera and the included software and there just isn't much out there.

Sue of Robin and Sue

Posted by Robin Dampier REALTOR®, Hendersonville & Western NC Real Estate Source (Coldwell Banker King) almost 11 years ago

Oh no. I wish I could help. As far as creating video it does get frustrating b/c of needing to convert to a movie file on your computer, then uploading it to Youtube. I've found the  Flip camera to be the easiest, and trust me, I've tried quite a few! I even started the hard way with a VHS camcorder and the conversion software... Flip's the easiest and quickest by far.

Good luck

Posted by Stephanie Jacques almost 11 years ago

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