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Keene, NH Chiropractor offers a Touch of Magic

Dr. Rob League of League Chiropractic told me the story of his recovery years ago after his car was hit by a train.  He later decided to go into Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic work because it was what helped him recover from his serious back injuries from the accident. 

I went to see Dr. League last week after waking up with a sudden neck pain so severe I could not turn my head, nor could I bend over to pick anything up. His wife, a friend of mine, scheduled my first appointment which gave me 40 minutes of Dr. League's time that very day.  He was precise with his assessment and results  were immediate. The pain diminished rapidly after I left my appointment that day. With every hour that passed, I was capable of doing more and more things and had less and less pain.

The treatment was more than just a few adjustments.  He discovered the ways my inner body worked together, some areas worked well together and some areas not so well.

He talked to me about the procedures as he was doing them and explained to me the interrelations between muscle, joints and brain. Because my first visit was in crisis mode, my body was unable to handle a regular treatment, so he was sensitive to the immediate needs while keeping long term goals in mind.

I returned 4 days later with 85-90% more mobility in my neck and very little pain. The treatment that day was different.

During my second visit he identified which joints and muscles weren't pulling their share, causing stress on others. He skillfully worked with tender areas and only adjusted where I could feel there was pain, or "pressure". After the adjustment I was immediately able to feel the difference and the pain in that area be released.

I plan to return to League Chiropractics in the future, if not for crisis ( as I hope I will have no further issues like that painful one I had last week ) then for a continuation of what he impressed upon me today. It was not harmful, it was not forced, it was very informative and it was as though he was able to see with his hands what I could not put into words.

Thank you Rob League.

Stephanie Jacques 

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