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A Realtor is like a Field Hockey Coach- an inspirational message to my clients

I just realized the connection between buying/selling a house and playing a game of field hockey.

I think anyone who's played in sports games before can understand this, but it's not until you're actually buying (or selling) a home in this complicated market that you truly appreciate their interconnectedness.

As your agent, I am your coach. 

Like a field hockey coach I must keep an eye on the goal, to help you as my client succeed with your move so that you can move on with your lives.

Field Hockey

In this game are real people, real lives. These people have hopes and aspirations. These people play hard to score so they can move forward with their lives. These people trust me as their coach and, as a result, these people often find themselves taking risks that must be taken in order to achieve a final outcome, one that is attainable and achievable through persistance, trust, perseverance and YES, some dose of stress and fear.

I hope that my clients can trust I am going to coach them to that goal. With every hurdle we've gotten closer, yet with every hurdle they feel fear and have to remind themselves of their goal.

With every hurdle, however, I see more clarity that we will get there. A real estate transaction, just like a field hockey game, is not always so challenging. Sometimes the opponent's team is uncomplicated and it takes very little to score. Othertimes we are challenged and have to reposition our players, develop new strategies to win, and celebrate our successes as small increments as we approach  our goal.

I'm asking you, my clients, to trust me as your agent. I have your goal in mind, you've shared so many of your dreams with me and I'm asking you trust me to take you through this process. You have played this right in so many ways and now the ball is in someone else's court. You'll see it go back and forth. You'll see it come back in your court.

Remember what your goals are are know that you have already played your part in all the right ways. We will get there in a very organic way, but we will get there!

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