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NHAR Embraces Social Media

I just got off teleconference with the NHAR Social Media task force team: Shannon Aldrich, Ansel Crombleholme, Jay McGillicuddy (chair), Dan O'Halloran and myself, Stephanie Jacques.  The task force was set up to help NHAR and it's members implement the use of social media tools for communication.

Because social media users are already aware of the power of being involved with social media (i.e., the speed and the amazing ability to tap into the knowledge of thousands in record time), we are discussing ways to help reach members who may be hesitant to reach out and try social media. For many of those members, it's:

 1) a matter of being shown how to use it

 2) explaining more about social media 

 3)addressing any fears that they have...before they adopt the practice.

For others, it may never be adopted (I still know many agents who do not use cell phones.)

The NHAR has already begun blogging (NHARPulse) and using Twitter (@NHAR). Soon we will be implementing podcasts and webinars and we'll be needing more agents on board.

How has social media crept into my workdays?

Going about my day without learning about the happenings in my industry is a day from the past. I'm in tune, through Twitter especially, with information about the tax credit rulings, health care reform, and breaking news. Social media, though intimidating and overwhelming until it is well disseminated, is an avenue for receiving this news and being engaged. Consumers are engaged. It would be embarrassing to be told something by a consumer about my industry that I haven't learned about.

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NHAR Embraces Social Media
I just got off teleconference with the NHAR Social Media task force team: Shannon Aldrich, Ansel Crombleholme, Jay McGillicuddy (chair), Dan O'Halloran and myself, Stephanie Jacques. The task force was set up to help NHAR and it's members implement… more
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