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Is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Organization?

I've gone onto to see how real estate companies are using social media strategies in combination with their websites. I'm also putting together a workshop locally around the question: "Is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Organization?"

I've run into several people locally, business owners, who are beginning to ask this question, but don't know enough about it, nor do they have the tech skills or time to figure it out. It does take some time, but once you get the ball rolling, it's easy and takes very little time.  Other organizations are hiring this duty out as a new form of marketing for their business.

As I look at it, Social Media Marketing is one extra tool under your belt, one sure way to reach people who are intentionally looking for whatever it is you are offering.  Using SEO strategies, targeting keywords for your industry and properly placing those keywords or phrases, you have a fun, simple and interactive marketing campaign you can run on your own.

Just think about the last time you hired someone....really, think about it...was this person selected because you were referred to them, because you liked them, they seemed nice? Or was it because you were convinced that you needed their product or service after they "sold you on it?"

It's like walking into a house, a buyer either "feels" that home is right for them, or not. Nothing the listing agent can say to them will change their mind, unless it has to do with answering a question or carefully handling an objection. 

Needless to say I'm biased against using social media, but I really don't see it going away, and it's such a wonderful tool for marketing. The uses are endless and costs are low. I think we're going to see many many more organizations figuring this out in the next 2 years, as internet caught on, so will social media marketing!


By the way, if anyone wants to offer in the comments section, some websites portraying really great uses of social media and real estate, please attach the site. I'd love to review it.

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